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Monday, April 23, 2012

Princess Tea Party, Part 2: The Entertainment

Here are the pictures I have been looking forward to posting - the pictures of the little guests with the birthday surprise guests of princesses. I had a blast planning for this and I had no idea what a hit the princesses we hired would be for this age. If you know a little girl who is into princesses and is age 4-6, this is the PERFECT entertainment for the party. I got a recommendation from a friend for a local company called Party Belles of Nashville and could not have been happier with the result.

If princesses had been a thing when I was in college, you can bet your arse I would have been singing my little Tiana heart out at parties. Would have been a great side gig. The parents were super impressed with the princesses and more importantly, the Kid's guests were in awe. One little girl thought we flew the princesses up from Florida. That will have to wait until the Kid's Super Sweet 16, sorry. Cinderella and Belle serendipitously arrived just when the girls were gathering on the steps for pictures.

Afterwards I have been told that grandparents were called, children were speechless and the Kid is officially a rockstar with her friends.

Feminist notions of postmodern images of women aside, I'm pretty sure this is the definition of glee.

The package we got included songs, a story and the princesses teaching the guests a dance. I love how rapt the audience is.

Those dance lessons had better pay off!

They even stayed to sing Happy Birthday with the birthday girl.

Two huge thumbs up from this satisfied mama! The last set of party pics is coming up soon...

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