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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Princess Tea Party, Part 3: the Kids

Last princess tea party post! This post highlights a few of the activities that we did besides the princesses visiting. I sort of winged it for the last half of the party when it came to activities, so I was grateful the weather allowed the kids to play outside. Note to self, get a jungle gym...

The birthday girl...

Guests working very, very hard on their tea party hats. I got the hats from the dollar section at Target and the girls decorated them with feathers (never again!) and foam stickers (in shapes of cupcakes, hearts, butterflies and flowers). It was a perfect starting activity to get everyone occupied.

Me pouring tea (aka, raspberry lemonade). I'll keep my day job. I will say that the pouring of tea from real teapots elicited hilarious gasps from the Kid's friends.

My dudes. The little dude thankfully slept for the first half of the party. Smooches!

We asked the guests to wear a princess outfit or to dress for a tea party and I was happy to see so many of them actually did. It really helped set the scene. I also commandeered a friend's older daughter (the one in the pictures wearing the red and blue apron) to help with serving. She was really into it and was so sweet and helpful.

Love this picture. Makes me happy. The little girl on the right is OBSESSED with our baby. She asks me every single time we see her at school, "where's your baby?". Love her.

The very methodical and deliberate gift opening process. If I hadn't known better, I would have thought the Kid was going to save the wrapping paper for later. It was that slow.

After the party, kids were crying they didn't want to leave, they had such a good time. My evil plan has worked, mwahahaha!

There may have been bribery involved (use of an electronic device that rhymes with Shy-fad) to get the Kid to smile for this picture.

J.Crew cardigan
Calvin Klein dress
Vintage aprons (not pictured)

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