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Friday, April 20, 2012

Princess Tea Party, Part 1: Decor

Here is the first set of pictures from the princess tea party. My new favorite tool for parties is the Silhouette SD that I got over a year ago, but barely used. It is the perfect thing for customizing decorations for the party.

I downloaded a tea party template for 99 cents. With that, I made these cutouts that I attached to wooden dowels and then placed along our front walkway to welcome the guests for tea.

We set up the dining room as the area for food and drinks. A simple birthday pennant banner was strung along our hutch (redo written about in this post).

We set up the teapots (borrowed from a tea-loving friend!) along with some disposable teacups (from a local party supply store) on trays for easy serving.

Food included strawberry and lollipop trees (styrofoam balls covered in plastic wrap, toothpicks and a wooden dowel inserted through upside-down flower pots) orange slices, lemon poppyseed scones (yay, Whole Foods) and purple marshmallows. From Publix, we scored the cookies, cupcakes and turkey and pizza pinwheels.

I made the teahouse sign using a piece of foam board and pink gingham fabric left over from past parties.

The gift bags were from Target and had wands and m&ms for the girls. The Silhouette machine came in handy again for the bags.

Who knew a grocery store (Publix) could do a tiered cake so inexpensively?

I also reused the flower poms from my friend's baby shower last year.

I rented tables, chairs and linens for extra seating. Costco came to the rescue for the flowers. The flower water inadvertently got dyed purple, which was an unexpected and welcome effect.

My favorite thing (more pictures to come) was the photo booth that I set up behind the front door for the girls to take pictures. I used an empty picture frame for them to take pictures. The backdrop for the photo booth is leftover fabric from my friend's shower hot glued to an empty wrapping paper tube and decorated with paper pennants.

Inside the little basket next to the door were boas, wands and tiaras from the Kid's dress up trunk in her room.

I'll post the party pictures of the birthday girl and her friends in my next post!

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