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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Other Places to Follow the Drama

Like everyone else in the blogosphere, I am a little addicted to Pinterest. It is an easy way to gather ideas for future house projects, DIY crafts, recipes, fashion, travel and general fabulousness. I've gotten some great inspiration from the site and frittered away countless hours planning imaginary dinner parties and designing my ultimate dream house.

And it totally counts as nesting prior to the babe being born, right? You can follow me at Pinterest here.

Also, I finally joined the masses and got an iPhone after being an Android fan for years. And while there are certain things I miss about my old phone, the seamless link between my iPad and iPhone is awesome. One of my favorite free apps is Instagram.

Once you download the free app, you can follow me there by typing "drbabymamadrama" into the search function. It makes sharing pictures easy and chronicling daily life a breeze. Expect many baby candids...

Are any of y'all on Pinterest or Instagram and I'm not following you yet? Let me know!

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