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Friday, January 27, 2012

It's a Cookie Swap

I am determined to get some blogging done before the baby arrives, so here goes with some way overdue posts!

For the second year in a row, I attended a cookie swap a few weeks before Christmas, but this time I had the privilege of hosting it in our home. If you have never been to one of these, get a group of friends together to do it! It is super easy to host and there is minimal clean up afterwards (my kind of party!). Valentine's Day is a perfect excuse to do something like this...
As guests came in, they saw their bags for taking cookies home at the end of the evening as well as a  welcoming message on my DIY chalkboard (thank you, Pinterest).

My dining room became cookie central for the night. For the month of December, we did a fresh cedar garland nestled with votives (carefully, because of the fire hazard) and fresh clementines. I used fake greenery to decorate the white buffet and the doorway and banister.

We decided to vote on a favorite cookie this year, so as people came in, they wrote their cookie name on a numbered card. The beginnings of the cookie arrival...

This was our Christmas tree, which we just took down last week. I figured we should bring a February baby home with a tree still up.

On a table in our foyer, I displayed the various Christmas cards we have had over the years.

Outdoor lighting leading up to the house are below. I always get a little sad when the Christmas lights start coming down, since it always makes your house look less welcoming during the cold winter days.

Still loving the lanterns!

Have you ever attended or hosted a cookie swap? Do you think it could work for a bridal shower or even Valentine's day?

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