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Monday, September 12, 2011

Superhero Party

Many moons ago, I promised to post about a superhero party that I helped throw for a friend's son. His dad had recently passed away and it was a very bittersweet 4th birthday party held a few weeks afterwards. Thanks to some amazing friends who donated their time and services and energy, we were able to pull off a very special party for Quinn.

First off all, much thanks to Sherry from Babypop Designs. She was able to make the amazing masks and capes for the party. You could definitely use this idea for a princess and knights themed party as well. I met Sherry at a social media conference last summer and she was delighted to help make Quinn's party a success. Her products are quality and the turnaround time was perfect.

Another blogging connection I made earlier this spring was Megan McGee from Megan McGee Photography. I had met her at a bloggers' meet up and was delighted to find out that she does family portraits (anyone need to get pictures for their Christmas cards?) as well as weddings and other events. She was an absolute joy to work with and was even helping us out with party set-up before guests arrived. She was great with the kids and took awesome shots.

I wish I could take credit, but my friend Emilie made this poster... super talented!

Publix makes the best cakes! Emilie also made the cartoon cutouts.

We kept it low key with some of the dads grilling burgers and hot dogs for the party.

 I made a classic red photo booth out of an old washer box, so that the kids to change into their BabyPop masks and capes as well as take pictures.

For me, the best part was how involved the grown-ups got in the Batman/superhero theme.

We had Robin...


The Joker (seriously, I still get a little creeped out...)

The Riddler and a mini-sized CatWoman stopped by...

And of course, Batman himself and his BatGirl (aka, mom)

Activities included a pop-art coloring book, a super hero obstacle course and an X-ray vision game. I was channeling my inner camp counselor for the entire party. It was an emotional but much needed birthday party for our little superhero, Batman Quinn!

Chime in... what do you think?

(all photography reprinted with permission of Megan McGee Photography).
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