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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kid's Room Update

I am getting close to being done with the major things in the Kid's room (other pics here, here and here). As with most decorating, you don't get it all done in one fell swoop. I have gotten most of these things done over the past few months, but there are still a lot of thinks to be tweaked over the next few months.

First update is this ruffle curtain from Urban Outfitters. It is actually a shower curtain, and I cut a couple of rows of tiers off the bottom to make it fit the window. I apologize for the dark pictures, but this was the best way to show the detail of the ruffles on a really sunny day outside.

Here is a new nightstand I purchased from Finders Keepers (a local furniture consignment store). I liked the darker wood and being able to hide her hair bows and brushes and headbands in her drawers.

Target lamp and tray

Also I found a grey tweed bench with nailhead trim for below her window (a perfect place for reading or putting on clothes. 

A detail of the nailhead (will come up again later, you'll see!).

A storage solution for her stuffed animal collection from a Cost Plus World Market basket. Hiya, hippo!

The "boob light", contractor's grade flush mount fixture is on the list to go, hopefully to be replaced by either a drum shade or a cool chandelier (I am feeling a trip to IKEA in Atlanta may be in my future!).

The last few things to be put in the room will be some letter plaques, her headboard (so excited to show you guys this one!) and some easy storage solutions for her room.

What has been your favorite thing in her room so far?

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