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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Thrift Store Desk Update (finally!)

I had posted ages ago about my daughter's desk that I got on a 25% off day at our local Goodwill and free frames that I had forever. I finally have a few updates to share.

I did three coats of basic white semi-gloss paint that we had in the garage.

And then I painted the drawer fronts only. Side note: If you are painting a piece with drawers, it helps to only paint the visible, non-moving portions because painting the sides and insides of the drawers will make them stick when you are trying to open them.

I decided to spray paint the legs silver to go with some of the other things we have planned for her room. Who knew a pizza box would be so useful for spray painting? BTW, the color is Krylon's "Brushed Nickel".

I picked up some glass knobs at Wal-Mart, since I couldn't find the ones I wanted at Anthropologie for a decent price (no point in paying $6 per knob and blowing your budget on such a small feature.

And here is the finished product (also with the frames from this post)!  

Here's the before as a comparison. 

And as for the pictures in the purple frames above her desk... tune in tomorrow for how I came up with those! What do you think ? Would you have gone a different way?

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