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Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Fancy Washington D.C. Baby Shower - Part 2

I mentioned yesterday that the shower for my sister was held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Washington D.C. I was duly impressed with their service and the beautiful desserts. Here are some of what we sampled (after a light lunch of salad and seafood.

 The salad buffet

 A little Pelligrino + lime never hurt anybody

 One of my sister's favorite flowers is hydrangea, so she had these as part of her decorations

Hydrangeas + roses + peonies = Perfect summer bouquet (can't wait until the ones behind our house bloom!)

 My sister's baby bump and the Kid making her way through round one of desserts.
She matches the upcoming dessert, completely accidental on my part!
 (Note her strategic position near all the cupcakes)

I think these were lemon mousse tartlets (with candy daises on top)

 If I remember correctly, these were mini mango cheesecakes with edible gold leaf (say what?)

 Strawberry mousse was involved. And it was good.

 Chocolate and orange mousse shooters (these seemed to be the favorite amongst the guests)

The Kid's doll was a spectator and dressed up for the event

The aftermath. 

I love going to a fancy shindig and my sister's baby shower did not disappoint. Which of these desserts strikes your fancy?

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