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Friday, April 8, 2011

Slipcover Salvation: Pottery Barn to the Rescue... Hopefully.

Our upstairs family room has some sad, sad couches.

These were the two couches for $699 special that we got during our "post-grad chic" days when we had no money to speak of and even less of a sense of style.

I would be willing to bet that most people have some version of this sitting around their home somewhere. Perfectly serviceable, just not very attractive. And the ensemble is made complete with matching pillows that look like they were made out of a Bill Cosby sweater. Delightful.

I had brief delusions of grandeur of thinking that I was going to make slipcovers for these, a la Pink and Polka Dot's blog. Then I realized that my sewing skills are best left to me doing things that don't require zippers or actual measuring. Especially since I can't drink wine while I sew (red wine has been proven to lessen the amount of cursing that occurs during crafting projects).

Pottery Barn slipcovers to the rescue!

I spied these little pretties on sale last week and quickly ordered them in white for the couch. I went with white because I can OxiClean the heck out of any stain without worrying about discoloration or fading. They should be arriving soon. I am thinking some new pillows are also in order and was browsing Etsy for pillows. While slipcovers may be beyond my scope, I think I can handle sewing a square. I love what Katie from Bower Power did with her pillows in her old living room.

We are keeping the wall color in the family room as is, a dark blue with grey undertones. Anyone out there have any experience with these Pottery Barn (or other) slipcovers? Suggestions for fabric sites for pillows?

Chime in!

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