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Thursday, April 7, 2011


I was inspired recently (by a friend of mine whose daughter is several weeks older than mine) to document the birthday of my daughter in pictures and words. Despite the fact that I blog a lot, sometimes I forget to note the things that are currently in the mind of my four year old.

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Real time representation of what happens when the Kid eats birthday cake

And I am going to break this down like the nerd pediatrician that I am...

Gross motor: She can hop, balance on one foot for a few seconds, do the swings by herself. Unfortunately, she is a bit of a klutz like her mama, but I am hoping she will grow into her height and get some of her dad's athletic skillz. We are hoping that her weekly ballet classes will help a little with her coordination.

Fine motor: She can write her name (has been doing that one for close to a year now) and all of the letters of the alphabet and numbers, gets herself dressed (at the rate of molasses in January, but she can get dressed), copies most shapes now (triangle, square, circle), draws hilarious pictures of herself and her friends at school. Eats independently, although still occasionally messy.

Language milestones: Tells elaborate stories, uses complex sentences, knows her name and birthday and phone number and sometimes her address. She can read most of her preschool books by herself now, stumbling on the bigger words. This is really the most remarkable thing about her. She has been reading for almost six months now and we did nothing special besides read aloud to her almost every night. No special programs, videos, just regular old trips to the library and bookstore. And she isn't usually allowed to watch TV/movies during the week, which I think helped her turn to books more.

One bad thing about having an early reader is that they can read things when you are scrolling through the digital cable menu like "Frat Party". True story. Explained that a frat party is for boys in college and she isn't allowed to ever go. Luckily she hasn't asked about the "Sex and the City" reruns on TBS yet. Shudder.

Social: She is definitely shy like I was when I was little and is shy in situations where she doesn't know anyone. She is a rule follower when she is in a group situation and doesn't like it when other kids misbehave. She is pretty sensitive with her emotions and doesn't like disappointing people. She loves playing board games like Sorry! and Hi Ho Cherry-O - probably because she usually beats us.

She is in general a very well behaved child, although she likes to whine (what? I can't hear you when you're whining) when she doesn't get her way. She could probably watch Nick Jr. until the cows come home and she loves going to the playground and church and the zoo. The child is obsessed with all things girly from skirts and leggings to headbands and jewelry. 

Not that I had anything to do with that.

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