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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Purple Room Progress: Decorating for the Kid

My daughter got one of her birthday wishes. Remember the blue room from our moving in pictures (full album up on the Facebook page)?

We are no longer blue. Courtesy of a little Rhapsody Lilac from our local Sherwin Williams store, we (ahem, my husband) got her room painted in time for her birthday last week. I did my typical duty of taping off the room. The room is about 12 x 14 feet and because the coverage was so good, one gallon (typically covers about 350-400 sq feet) was all we needed to get this...

I love the color. I actually look forward to going into my daughter's room in the morning to wake her up because I know that the color will be so calming. A few things I am not loving: the lack of a headboard/bed frame (we need to get that bed off the ground, it's driving me crazy!) and lackluster curtains and blah carpets.

We still have some way to go with the decor. Although I had originally wanted to do purple and white with accents of dark brown, I am now thinking that grey or lucite may be a better option.

Here is what is on my list in the next few weeks...

  • Baskets for the bedside table (we got it from IKEA  in our post-college, grad student chic days - it used to be our microwave cart when we first got married and later was a printer stand!) to hold the Kid's odds and ends for doing her hair.

Maybe along these lines but a little shallower and wider...

  • Replacement lighting fixture for the contractor grade lamp.
I am at a loss for what to do with the floors. The carpet isn't horrible, just maybe needs to toned down somehow. I do love this little lamp and tray that I picked up from Target. Target to the rescue. Every time.

Any suggestions for the room? Do I leave it white and purple or does it need another accent color (like silver or grey or brown)?

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