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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Starting on the Kid's Room

I feel like I am finally ready to get back in the saddle again regarding blogging about my favorite subjects (fashion, food, family and now the new house). It has been crazy around here the past few weeks with moving in, work, feeling under the weather and our typical hectic schedules. Combined with the unseasonably cold weather down here (Spring, where ARE you?) I simply needed a bit of a break.

We took a quick trip out of town this past weekend to Gatlinburg, Tennessee and recharged as a family. It was much needed and perfectly timed to help us forget about boxes and house stuff. Not many pictures, but I will say my husband who has never played putt-putt golf in his life managed to get TWO hole in ones. Sheer dumb luck, I tell ya. We did a lot of napping, swimming, shopping and just enjoyed having some down time.

This was our spectacular view from the room at the Park Vista Hotel.

The view from the patio in front of the hotel wasn't too shabby either...

Back to reality...
Here is where we are for paint colors for the Kid's room (check out my idea board for her room over on Domestic Ease). I swung by the Sherwin-Williams store near us and picked up a couple of strips to choose colors from.

I think we will be going with the Rhapsody Lilac. It's not too blue and has less of a brown undertone than the strip to the right. Not sure if we will actually go with the more expensive SW paint (runs about $40 a gallon) vs going with our standard premium Behr or Olympic from a home store like Lowe's or Home Depot ($20 a gallon) and just getting it color matched at the store. Any advice out there? Is Sherwin Williams that much better?

Also, I picked up this little 50's or 60's beauty from our local thrift store yesterday for the Kid's room.

The best part? Only $27. That beats the $300 versions I had been looking at online for a quality kids' desk. Vintage furniture for kids rocks because it is often cheaper than new and was built to last. I am thinking of replacing the knobs with different pulls, since the one on the bottom right drawer is missing. The lines of the desk totally reminds me of the furniture my sister recently picked for her nursery. The next debate is what color to paint it? White or dark brown? Or do I leave it as is?

And as much as I loved the idea of an acrylic chair like this one from Z Gallerie,

I have a bit of concern for how scratched up they get after a while. The other option would be to revamp this chair that I got for FREE from a neighbor near our old house who was throwing them out. I could see the chair being painted a bright, high gloss purple and doing a white or textured stain resistant fabric on the seat.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

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