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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Artwork for Your Home - Setting the Tone

I am pretty particular about putting pictures and photos up in a house right away. They are usually the last things to come down when we move and one of the first to go back up. Maybe it is because I have never really had a fear of putting holes in the wall (that is what putty and paint are for). You can read about some of our artwork here.

The first thing I hung up in our new home was this painting I won from the (in)courage suite in a random drawing during Blissdom. It arrived at our old house a few days before we moved out and I figured it was an appropriate sentiment to have in our home as we settle in.

BTW, the walls are not really blue like that. They are grey.

I am trying to be really, really strong and courageous and not go and live in the West Elm store in Green Hills like Corduroy the bear.


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