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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Reader Dilemma: One dress, three ways

I recently had a reader/friend email for advice for an upcoming wedding. (Edited to remove identifying information and to protect the innocent.)

"Okay, this is really random but I need fashion advice. Could I wear this dress to a wedding? What shoes would I have to wear? I don't even own a dress! I have three weddings to do to this summer and the first wedding is up north and it may still be a little chilly. Help!!"

There's no need to fear, DrBabyMamaDrama is here. 

I totally need to get a cape like Underdog

Here is the dress she picked. And by the way, I am glad that I am infecting others with my quest for total J.Crew world domination. Mwhahahahaha!

Anyway, for someone who says she never wears dresses, this reader certainly can pick them. This is a perfect dress to build several outfits around, IMO. It isn't a plain black dress (I love, LOVE grey!) that will get lost in the shuffle. It is a lightweight, textured material to give some visual interest and the a-line shape with a wide band and inverted pleat will be very figure flattering. Also, the wider straps (with the likely bra strap snaps that J.Crew usually puts in) means you don't have to go and buy special "lady garments".

Here is how I usually plan for weddings:
1) Layers are key because of varying temperatures between the ceremony reception and often time spent standing outdoors. This is where a cardigan or shawl can be your friend.
2) Comfortable but cute dancing shoes. Or super cute shoes that you plan to kick off anyway and dance barefoot. I am a big believer in a wedge or 2.5" or less heel for this. High enough to be dressy, but low enough to be wearable for the entire day.
3) A fun purse and at least a fun accessory, be it earrings or a bracelet or necklace. Most of us spend our days in work or wife or friend or mommy mode, so this is a chance to wear something a little out of the everyday and more feminine.

One Dress Three Ways, v. 1

One Dress Three Ways, v. 1 by drdrama

I included both high heeled wedges and sandals as options for this yellow outfit. This would be great for a springtime wedding.

Grey and purple are among my favorite color combos. I liked working a subtle flower theme through this outfit. The ever present J.Crew heirloom floras found their way into this outfit.
One Dress, Three Ways, v. 3

One Dress, Three Ways, v. 3 by drdrama

I like the red and grey together to add a little sexiness to this version of the outfit. Pops of red always work for an evening wedding, I think. And for the jewelry, like the contrast between the exotic coral earrings, masculine signet ring and feminine floral cuff.  

One dress, three ways. What do you think?

Better yet, how do you stretch your summer wardrobe budget for dresses to wear for weddings and such?

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