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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

OOTD Roundup: Battle of the Pregnancy Bulge

ETA: Not gonna lie... I was up most of the night Googling articles on low amniotic fluid in the first trimester. Some articles were dire, others offered some hope. I got a lot of reassurance from friends who have had the same thing and went on to have completely normal pregnancies. Chug, chug, chug...
Now that the secret's out regarding my pregnancy, I can get back  to the business of doing outfits of the day. I will say that the first thing that I have noticed this time around is that the belly bloat has happened about 2-3 weeks earlier this time around. Apparently, this is to be expected. At 8-9 weeks pretty much none of my pants fit me anymore (whereas I was almost into the 2nd trimester the first time around). Despite the fact that the baby is about the size of a grape, I am definitely feeling the pudge.

So far, my early pregnancy choices have been skirts, dresses and leggings. Luckily, most of my jeans are relatively low rise and should fit for a bit longer.

J.Crew skirt, top and sash
Gap cardigan
Banana Republic peep toes

Banana Republic Trench
J.Crew striped tee
7FAM A-pocket jeans
Target leopard print flats

7FAM A-pocket jeans
Tory Burch Revas

CABi top and skirt
H&M necklace
J.Crew tights and boots
(Back story, my tights kept falling down at work, so I had to keep doing the wiggle-wiggle-hitch-'em-up dance in my cubicle!)

J.Crew blazer and boots
Banana Republic necklace
Express top
7FAM Ginger jeans

Pardon the moving boxes in the background. Chime in, how is the first set of OOTDs for the newly pregnant lady going? Suggestions? Thoughts?

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