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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

And Now For the Worst Kept Secret in the History of EVER...

...I went and got myself knocked up with Kid 2.0.

Seriously it was a poorly kept secret as secrets go. If you follow me on Twitter, are a Pittsburgh friend, work with me, got to my church, read too much into my Facebook posts or are a random stranger at Costco, you already know that I am pregnant and due this fall.

Advantages: It got me out of having to move heavy boxes during the move. BTW, we found out the day we were supposed to close but didn't. It was a welcome distraction. :-)

Disadvantages: Being tired like you have mono, having gas like Shrek the ogre, feeling nauseated like a hungover college kid after Mardi Gras. All. The. Damn. Time.

With all of the good friends I have who have struggled with (and some are still struggling with) infertility, I am eternally grateful and blessed to add to our family.

A little caveat...

The initial ultrasound showed slightly less amnoitic fluid than expected considering the age of the baby. Which at this point in the first trimester, is usually a maternal issue like blood pressure issues or chronic dehydration.

Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot. Cue me freaking out and running to Dr. Google like any expectant mother would do. Cue me wondering if there is anything I could have done to prevent this. Cue me imagining a miscarriage or horrible malformations. Unlikely, but possible.

Here's the thing. If you see me, congratulate me. Don't be weird and tiptoe around me. I am ecstatic that we are expecting. We had a nice strong heartbeat today and I am thrilled about that, since I haven't "felt pregnant" (meaning I haven't been puking my guts out like with the last pregnancy). We are going to be cautiously optimistic with this little one and are praying that all turns out well and this issue resolves by the next ultrasound in a few weeks. This child is a gift for as long as we are blessed to have him/her/it here.

And I am chugging water like crazy.

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