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Monday, March 28, 2011

Moving In Updates

So we have been in our house for about four weeks now and I figure I should post an update as to where we are with the whole house.

Inertia has settled in.

After the frantic moving in process we found out a few things:

a) Yes, you can be made crazy by the incessant chirping of smoke alarms that have not been changed in 2 years. If I had had a pellet gun, I would have shot those suckers off the ceiling, like in my favorite video game, Duck Hunt. 

b) Somehow in the falling in love with the house, we missed the fact that the house had no front closet. (Ruh-roh, Raggy). There will be a project coming soon regarding that little oversight.

c) You can fall in love with a high efficiency washer and dryer. I've been there and bought the t-shirt.

d) Moving into a new house turned my poor sleep habits daughter into a champion through the night sleeper. It was like magic - the day we moved into the new house she started sleeping through the night with absolutely no wakings. I think it probably helps to have the master bedroom downstairs.

e) You can live indefinitely with packing boxes acting as drawers.

f) If I don't get my shoe racks unpacked and the Kid's room painted, my head may explode. (I'm making side eyes at you, MrDrama...)

The plan is to get some bigger pieces of furniture from Ethan Allen, Home Goods and West Elm in the next few weeks (woo!) and also have a garage sale to divest ourselves of a lot of household items, clothes, shoes, etc., that we have held onto through several moves. Busy, busy!

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