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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hoarders: True Confessions of a Pasta Hoarder

Have you ever seen that show on TLC called Hoarding: Buried Alive on TLC?  Sometimes it isn't until you move that you realize exactly how much CRAP you have. And while I am not about to have mummified carcasses of animals in my house, I think we all have a teeny, tiny propensity towards hoarding buried deep within.

You realize especially how many duplicates of things you buy when you are living in a house where storage is in DEEP pantries where you can't see the back of them. This is made worse if the guilty subject has a membership to Costco which allows you to buy penne pasta by the bushel. And then you move and find the following.

Exhibit #1:

Now I am a big pasta fan. My favorite type of food is authentic Italian and I often say I would have made a great Italian (I love art, great shoes, red wine and pasta). I took Italian for a semester in college, just so I could learn how to pronounce things on a menu properly.

However, as we unpacked our new house I found that I have bought an absolutely unseemly amount of pasta. There were 28 boxes. Nine boxes of spaghetti, six of penne, three of cellentani and multiple assorted boxes of lasagna, orechiette and shells.

As I unpacked box after box of Barilla pasta, I came to grips with my problem. My name is DrBabyMamaDrama and I am a pasta hoarder. I am about to freeze my Costco card in a block of ice, a la Becky Bloomwood.

Also, does anyone know what I could do with eight kajillion coffee filters?

It is random the things that people collect/mini-hoard. For me, it appears to be pasta and J.Crew tights (I won't talk about that one). When I posted this on Facebook, people responded with anything from 15 bottles of soy sauce to batteries.

'Fess up. What do you hoard?

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