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Saturday, February 26, 2011

House Update: Better Late Than Never

So remember how we were supposed to have moved in last week? Not so much. We had been given the go-ahead to move in and were all ready to close last week. I had taken off two days from work to be available for the closing and moving. So on Thursday, we spend the entire day waiting for the call from the broker to say they were ready with the check.


After getting (ahem... *cough, cough*) emphatic with our agent and mortgage broker, we were told we may be closing the next day. Then after that debacle, we sat through the first tornado of the season in the hallway of our current home, praying that the new house would not be affected.

Courtesy of News Channel 5

Fun times. On Friday morning we were told there was a slim chance that we would be able to close that afternoon. Unfortunately, even though the house is sitting empty, the bank technically owns the house and wouldn't let us move in because of liability reasons. And the package from the mortgage underwriter arrived too late in the afternoon at the closing company for us to be able to close Friday. And the storm may have done some minor damage to the roof that needed an emergency repair by the seller. Grrrrrrr..... 

But we got some good news. We are definitely closing on Monday. Moving truck is ready, cashier's check cut, we are eating takeout and frozen pizza. We'd better be moving on Monday.

Or heads will roll and I will have to get all Nigerian on somebody. 

Whatever that means.

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