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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Resolution: No Joy-Stealers Allowed

I am determined to get a jump start on Christmas giving this year by giving myself an early present. I vow not to let anyone steal the joy of one of my favorite holidays away from me. I love Christmas and everything that it involves and symbolizes (minus the mass commercialization). I had a run-in recently with an acquaintance who is the human equivalent of a Dementor from Harry Potter. Being around this person makes your blood pressure surge, raises your hackles and generally leaves you in a pissy (sorry, the most descriptive word) mood for days later.

Here is what I realized.

They - the joy-suckers - aren't worth the energy.

At all.

This is somewhat revolutionary for me, since I sort of want everyone to love me and to get along. Raise your hand if you are a "people-pleaser"! But I realized that me wasting my energy deflecting their negative vibes was just that. A waste. I can't change anyone's opinion about me or anyone's mind about their own decisions. But I can choose to deflect their negativity and keep on being my generally lovable, if oblivious, self.

I challenge you in the next few weeks not to let your joy be taken without your permission. Don't let *that* family member, frenemy, co-worker or social acquaintance get away with it. Call them on it! Or avoid them, if possible. Let your energies be focused on what is really important during this time of the year: family and friends who love you and being thankful for your blessings.

Chime in, what do you do to keep people from bringing you down?

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