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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Unleashing Your Inner Animal (Prints)

#Loft #Express
Leopard print is all over the place this season and it comes in and out of fashion about every five or six years, so I am always glad when I hold onto something form seasons past. I tend to not spend much on more "trendy" items like this - I scored the dress below for $20 back in med school at a little store called Gabe's (that smells like old hot dogs, but great deals!).

Express dress via Gabe's
Ann Taylor Loft cardigan (pre-LOFT)
H&M woven belt
Nine West Shoes

Leopard can be hard to wear without looking too va-va-voom, but I think as long as the cut is modest and appropriately covered, it can work for the office as well. Or do it in small doses like I did here with just some flats and a belt.

I am recently crushing on leopard jackets (the most impractical but fun wardrobe piece ever) as I discussed with Chloe on Twitter. Here are some other options for unleashing your inner jungle cat.  

Cue Barry White music...

 The legendary Jackie O, courtesy of Simply Seleta

 Do you have any animal prints in your wardrobe or is it a little to wild for your taste?

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