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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thanksgiving Decor: Napkin Rings and Flowers

One of the best things about #Thanksgiving is the crafts that are associated with it. I remember (in the not-so-politically-correct 80's) making a fringed Indian Native American vest out of a brown paper grocery bag and a headdress to match using red, orange and yellow construction paper.

And who can forget the ubiquitous hand turkey?

 Source unknown

I swear people have been doing this for decades! I had a patient draw one for me and I was immediately transported back to first grade art class.

This year for our early Thanksgiving celebration with my parents, the Kid and I made napkin rings with acorns. Which was basically excuse for me to play with my glue gun.

Early Thanksgiving 2010 Table Setting
Plates: Old Time Pottery
Wine glasses: Dillard's
Water glasses: wedding presents
Napkins/Flatware: Pottery Barn
Tablecloth: Target on major sale ($5!)
Flowers: Sorta from the Flower Party

  • Paper towel tube (I cut them into approximately 1 1/2" sections)
  • Acorns (or mini pinecones)
  • Hot glue
Instructions: Self explanatory. Seriously, if you need instructions on how to glue three acorns onto a piece of cardboard, I would suggest going back to kindergarten and taking "Introduction to Art". And get thee off my island.

The centerpiece was recycled from the flower arrangement that I had made after I threw out the sunflowers and other live flowers and used the nicely dried eucalyptus and other grasses.

Tell me, do you decorate your home for Thanksgiving at all or is it all about the food?

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