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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010: Our Menu Dry Run

Like I mentioned yesterday, we had an early Thanksgiving celebration and the menu turned out well.  The main advice I have is not to let your visiting family turn off the wireless connection and then not know how to reconnect anything for 90 minutes in the middle of cooking. Me going off the grid when I have pots of food on the stove and having to look up my recipes on my tiny phone screen = an annoyed DrBabyMamaDrama.

Anyway... food. Focus, DrBabyMamaDrama...

I had my classics ready to go:
  • Appetizers that are not too filling 
    • Spiced nuts (makes me giggle like a 4th grader every time I write that) 
    • Alton Brown's Roast Turkey
    • Pan Gravy 
      • Combination of turkey drippings, flour and low sodium chicken stock, cooked on the stove in the same roasting pan that the turkey was in and strained.
    As in usual Thanksgiving fashion, it was followed by a prolonged food coma and general loosening of waistbands. We even watched a little college football.

    What are you looking forward to eating this year?

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