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Friday, September 17, 2010

Outfit Roundup - Week in Review

These are completely out of order, but whatever. Here are some of the outfits I wore this week. Chime in on your opinions!

J.Crew Outlet Jackie (btw, the quality of these is somewhat lacking compared to the B&M store versions - loose threads, buttons coming off...)
J.Crew, Tossed Bouquet tee, small 
J.Crew, Favorite Fit Chinos, Size 8 
Banana Republic crocodile print flats, size 9

H&M striped shirt, size 8
J.Crew, denim pencil skirt, size 8 

Banana Republic Dress, size 6 or 8?
Vintage brooch
J.Crew Kerrington metallic pewter flats, size 9

J.Crew Annalise top, grape, size 6
Gap Merino Cardigan, medium
J.Crew patent tortoise belt
J.Crew Cropped Superfine Trouser, beechwood, size 8
J.Crew Cate heels, size 9

Chime in with thoughts!

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