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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Silhouette Tutorial

I love the blog, Simply Seleta, because she always has beautiful design ideas and a great sense of style. She recently posted a link to another friend of hers at Jones Design Company who had a tutorial on how to do create a simple silhouette which you can print out into a collage, frame or whatever your little heart desires.

Here is one that I did (literally took me about 5 minutes!), since I already had Paint.net installed on my computer.

Original picture of the Kid:

For ease of design, it worked best to make sure her hair was as smoothed back as possible and I shot the picture with her in a dark room against an open window. I also had her shirtless to minimize any lines from a t-shirt or tank top. It already helped that my daughter is naturally dark skinned, but I think you could do this with any child's skin tone, as long as you take a picture in a dark room against a bright window!

After following the tutorial here, I came up with this shot (using a purple fill, since that is the Kid's favorite color). Final result:

Wouldn't this make a great present for a family member or a picture for her room? Planning on printing this one out later today and framing it. I am also leaving the edges of her hair a little rough to highlight the texture of her hair. Super easy!

Who would you do a silhouette of? Yourself? Your kids? Your pets?

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