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Friday, September 17, 2010

Rock Paper Scissors ROCKS!

I am heading to my first social media conference at Type A Mom in Asheville and I am so excited! Here are some of the cards that I ordered from Rock Paper Scissors in downtown Franklin.  I worked with their very accommodating staff to put together a great set of cards to hand out.

First you need a great vintage-y business card case...

 And of course, some awesome cards to pass out with them...

I have gushed about Rock Paper Scissors before with the adorable stationery that they have (used them for putting together the Kid's invites for the Pirate Princess Party) and they have other great items to give as hostess, housewarming and wedding gifts. My favorites are the coasters and Lucite trays.

(No, this isn't sponsored post, just a store that I love!)

If you are in the Franklin, TN area, check them out on Main Street!

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