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Monday, August 9, 2010

OOTD - Prep School to Office

The problem with my office building is that on the days when the temperature soars to over 100, we will inevitably have our thermostat set to a teeth chattering 68 degrees (although I swear it gets into the 50's in my office). Since I spend only about 38 seconds a day in the sweltering heat, I end up dressing like it is fall most of the time.

Here is my take on a classic fall/back-to-school outfit. My perfect outfit for school would probably be a blend between Gossip Girl...

...and Hermione's Gryffyndor uniform from Harry Potter.

I never said I was high class...

If you added in a pleated skirt to my outfit below, it would almost look like a school uniform (I always wanted to wear a uniform to school!). Could maybe use a contrasting tie and an emblem or crest of some sort that has writing in Latin...

J.Crew Gingham Perfect Shirt
J.Crew Jackie Shell in Navy
Banana Republic Wool skirt
J.Crew Patent Joley Heels in Brick
Vintage flower pin - to make the incongruous slit in the side of the skirt more appropriate for the office!

If YOU had to design your perfect uniform to wear to school, what would it be?

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