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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dressed Up Denim

Denim skirts can be a problematic piece of clothing because they can veer from cute to trashy to dowdy very easily, depending on the wash and cut. This is what I have found to be a work-appropriate way to do a denim skirt: dark wash, pencil silhouette, hitting anywhere from just above to just below the knee works for me.

Head to toe J.Crew, because sometimes, I can't help myself...
Bateau shirt, on sale from the spring
(See it worn by other JCAs: Slastena, Summerilla, Gigi, FFM, Ingredients for Style and Dina)
Woven belt
Denim pencil skirt, snagged on sale a few months ago
Cate heels
J.Crewlet starfish earrings (not pictured)

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