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Thursday, August 19, 2010

More Fall 2010 New Arrivals: Hits and MIsses

This was one of those J.Crew fitting room experiences where it totally helped to try on the clothes IRL. This dress looks interesting in person but would probably only work on a super tall person without boobs or hips (which is not me, obviously). First up, the Naeva dress.

From the front it looks interesting...

The side view is a mess of pleats and weird belly pooch (even more than usual)

Fit: TTS.
Cons: Price and weird pleats.
Pros: Super 120's fabric is always comfortable.
Verdict: No way.

Next is the Drapey Wool Dunaway Dress.

I was swimming in this dress so I am holding it back to show how it should probably fit.

Fit: Runs large. I would probably order this a size down in a 6 or even a 4.
Cons: None, for me.
Pros: I love the small cap sleeve and this charcoal color.
Verdict: If I already didn't own a very similar dress from Banana, I would have gotten this. I may wait and see if it goes on sale.

Last up was this skirt that Audreybella recently tried on. Not available online yet. Called the Dotted Metallic Pencil Skirt.

Fit: I think this was a 6 but I can't remember. TTS. Texture is awesome.
Cons: a little pricey.
Pros: It reminds me of sharkskin or snakeskin and it is beautiful.
Verdict: Yessiree!

Going to the Luxe store event at my J.Crew soon! Will have pics as soon as I can get them up...

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