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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

J.Crew Luxe Event

I mentioned a little while ago that our local store was having an evening event for select customers. I scheduled myself to get there in time to get in before the post-work rush. While the "refreshments" consisted of just some soda on ice, the clothing fared better.

Window display at the Green Hills J.Crew

Gap Merino Cardigan from last year
Vintage Pin
J.Crew Scoop neck Perfect Shirt
J.Crew Stardust Pencil Skirt, last year
Suede platform heels by Enzo

Gonna be honest, I was just looking for an excuse to wear my skirt. The SAs at my store loved that I wore the skirt, as evidenced by the multiple compliments and the grins.

J.Crew Pinstripe blazer
J.Crew Pinstripe shorts
J.Crew scoop neck perfect fit sirt

Verdict: If I worked in a "creative" job, this might work, but it is a no go for real life. Sometimes I think if I worked in NYC, I could get away with anything.

Calista Cami, warm taupe, size 6 

Verdict: Once again, could be interesting if I lived in a less conservative city, but these probably are not designed for going out in Nashville. I got a lot of funny side glances just wearing the Stardust skirt through the mall. I can only imagine what kind of looks sequined hotpants would get. Maybe in Atlanta.

Calista Cami, aluminum, size 6
Super 120s High Pencil Skirt, Heather Graphite, size 6 (too small for me, no 8 available)

Same outfit as before just with the Plaid Wool blazer
Also worn by Ema here

Verdict: I actually really loved this blazer except for the crazy ridiculous $325 price tag *(seriously, J.Crew?). I will wait for a cheaper version from LOFT or Gap or a drastic markdown from the Crew.

Verdict: loved the fit and color. May spring for it if it pops up on sale later in the season. Oh and the free gift? A canvas bag that they gave away for free to some cardmembers earlier this year.

This is me underwhelmed...

Any other JCAs with good finds with the new rollouts? I will post the boring workwear stuff I got soon.

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