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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

World Cup Laryngitis

What, just me? On our way back from the wedding in Pittsburgh this past weekend, we stopped halfway down in Cincinnati to visit one of my college best friends. Why did stop? To catch up? To play Parcheesi? NO.

World Cup 2010. (I am a very good wife, MrDrama.)

I know most Americans are sick to death of hearing the darned vuvuzelas of it and the constant commentary. The Drama family and my friend and her husband went to a pub in the Clifton area in Cincinnati and watched 90 minutes of soccer. Plus stoppage time. Plus almost 30 minutes of overtime. I may have been simply ecstatic to have the game over when Spain finally scored and I screamed, "VIVA ESPA√ĎA!".  At the top of my lungs.

And promptly lost my voice.  Overuse laryngitis, if you will.

I sound super hawt.

If you need somebody to make Scream-like calls to anyone (a la, DO YOU LIKE SCARY MOVIES?), I'm your girl.

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