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Friday, July 9, 2010

Hanna Andersson Love

Best thing about visiting the grandparents who live close to a crazy awesome mall is that grandparents tend to buy clothes for the Kid.

If you haven't heard of Hanna Andersson, you should pop over to their website to see their clothes. It is a clothing company with really high quality kids clothing. There are rumors in the parenting world that their clothing literally lasts for three or four years, which, for kids clothes, is an eternity. Most of their pieces mix and match really well.

The mall that we visited in Chicago had a brick and mortar Hanna Andersson store, which was a first for me and a complete treat. Here is what we got for the kid, a sort of watermelon-y colored dress and matching shorts. My oh-so-ladylike daughter wanted to show off the shorts. Cute when you're three. Not cute when you're 15, just so ya know.


Your face will freeze like that. Trust me, I'm a doctor.

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