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Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekend Recap

Nostalgia was the name of the game this past weekend. The final one of my close circle of friends from med school got married this weekend and since it was the final wedding (and thus possibly the final get-together for a while) we made the whirlwind journey to Pittsburgh and back.

I Polyvore-d the outfit a while back and the outfit was a winner. Great color for a summer wedding and just enough bling to appeal to my inner Vegas showgirl.

Yes, I am pretty sure that a three year old can give you the stink eye. Or have PMS. Never knew that toddlers can have angst.  She is thinking, if this woman doesn't give me my fruit snacks...

Fixing the shot

Sassy blogger pose with hand on the hip, paparazzi style

My favorite JC jewelry

CocoMae scarf
J.Crew Gold cluster bracelet
Banana Republic basketweave clutch

It was an awesome weekend with almost speed-dating like catching up with over a dozen friends. There are a little mini-posse of kids now, so of course, everything takes three times longer now to do. Good food, good drink, good dancing. Lots of reminiscing and squeezing of chubby babies.

How did I do compared to the Polyvore?

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