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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hutch Makeover - Hopefully

The only problem with the home we are renting right now (while we wait for our other house to sell) is the lack of space. Apparently people in the 1950's didn't feel the need to build massive walk-closets to accommodate your wardrobe of J.Crew perfect shirts. So silly.  When we moved to Nashville, we lost about 1000 square feet of space in order to be a 5 minute drive to work.  The main spaces we lost were in our old basement, which consisted of MrDrama's office and my craft room and a guest bedroom.  If only I'd known what we were giving up!

Now, I am finding the post-winter thaw is finally here in and I want to reorganize and declutter.  My friends who are moving to India are gradually getting rid of their furniture and we are getting their hutch! I love helping a friend and getting a new project at the same time.  We are picking this up today, I think!

Here's a pic:

And another:

I'm thinking of using this to store a lot of my crafting stuff (ribbons, scrapbooking, fabrics, papers...) I am thinking of giving this piece a bit of a facelift, possibly Holly-style (from Life in the Fun Lane).  I love her design aesthetic. Also thinking of changing out the knobs with some Anthropologie ones, if they are on sale.

I am thinking either an heirloom/antique white or super-pale grey or maybe just a solid black...


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