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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lands' End Canvas/L.L.Bean Signature

My inner prepster is coming out of the closet, so to speak.  I have fallen in love again with the classic Americana manufacturers of L.L.Bean and Land's End. Lately, J.Crew's move to more ruffles and the "Collection pieces" has left a bit of a void for classics sometimes in the mid-range retailers. I think these other companies are probably trying to capitalize on this by introducing items that are not just made out of fleece and denim.

I had seen a few posts about Lands' End new Canvas line (from Sweet Tea in Seattle and Fabulous Florida Mommy and  J.Crew Aficionada) recently regarding some striped shirts and I wandered over to the Land's End website to see what was available.  It seems to be catering to a slightly dressier customer.  The selections look A LOT like how J. Crew looked in the pre-Jenna Lyons days. 

Lands' End has always been known for their functional clothing but it looks like some of these  Canvas pieces are pretty fashionable, if preppy.

I want the yellow coat, not the pegged jeans (rocked that in 7th grade, thanks!).

As for L.L.Bean, the have a new line called L.L.Bean Signature.  I have a couple of things that I love from them.  

Because who doesn't need a leather tote?
(I know the handles would be too short for me, though.)

Want this shirtdress from L.L.Bean.

L.L.Bean, not just for those canvas bags anymore!

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