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Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Inner Martha + Pirate Princess Tea Party

We have had a very specific request from the Kid for a "pirate princess tea party" for her upcoming 3rd birthday party.

I know.

A what???

I have no idea where she gets it from.  *blink, blink*

I have asked her over and over and I can't shake her idea of this party.  Great.  The only way I can think of integrating the two ideas is by doing some sort Peter Pan + Tinkerbell + Alice in Wonderland mashup.  Then my inner Martha rears her ugly head.  I swear, trying to rein in my inner Martha Stewart is like trying to get me to not look at the J.Crew sale section.  Noble effort, often unuccessful.

Here are a couple of inspiration ideas that I have been tossing around.



Party by Erin Volante, Photgraphy by Sarah Maxey

 Too many options, too few parties...

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