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Monday, January 4, 2010


Continuing with my crafting theme.  I made matching aprons for me and the Kid.  She hasn't had a proper apron and has been wearing mine anytime she helps me cook.  Very cute, but way too big.  With the leftover fabric from the bible cover project, I made some matching aprons.  I like this fabric, because it is sort of has a 60's/70's vibe going with it. I collect vintage aprons from the 60's and love those styles and fabrics a ton.  There is something so domestic and ladylike with wearing a fun apron, right?


Exhibit A: Why we need aprons.


I may add pockets or ruffles the next time I make one of these.


I also made them reversible (which taxed my poor brain into thinking in 3-D again).


Lavender polka dotted fabric on the flip side.


The aprons look like they are dancing!

I just used one of my own aprons as a pattern for the larger version and traced with pencil directly onto the wrong side of the fabric. For the smaller version, I did it freehand, basing the length on one of her long tunic dresses (I want her to be able to grow into this).  Total time for both was about 1 hour, after cutting the fabric.
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