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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Going to a go-go...

Dress by H&M, patent leather peep toe heels by Guess?, both from a few years ago

We have a couple more parties this week and this is the one I am likely wearing to a church Christmas party (it is the most comfortable and most appropriate of all of the holiday options, I think). This is one of those dresses that is super comfortable, but you can probably only get away with wearing once per group of friends, because it is such a distinctive print. I wore at my old job's Christmas party, so I probably have a couple more wears before it gets retired.

Or I could wear it for Halloween next year with white boots and an Afro wig (or my natural hair on a humid day, say what?) and be a 60's go-go dancer.

1 comment:

Grace Osisanya said...

THATS OUR DRESS!!! I still Rock it! love it mama!

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