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Monday, November 30, 2009

IRL pics: party dress

Humming...I feel pretty, oh so pretty, I feel pretty and witty and bright...

So I am not usually a pink person, as we all know. I have a million other colors I'd rather wear, but this dress is the shiznit. I love this dress so, so much. Why can't we have dress up time more often, huh? I posted before in this post, thinking I would wear the faceted collar necklace with it, but I think the proportion of the necklace is too heavy IRL.

This silver graduated bead necklace (maybe from Claire's or some other teenager-y type store?) looks a little better to me.

Shoes are from TJMaxx, I think these are pretty similar. Dress by J.Crew. I ordered up a size to size 8, anticipating that I will be eating myself into a happy food place by the end of the party, and that I still want to be comfortable at the end of the night. Thoughts on which necklace to pick?


Chloe said...

Oh wow, that dress looks awesome on you. It's too bad you don't like pink, because you can really pull it off!

And I like the second necklace. Definitely do the second!

Jenny Chang Harris said...

Love the dress on you! I could never pull off the pink but you definitely can! Of the two necklaces, my vote is for the second. Another option is a gold one with glass jewels or pendant to add a bit of edge to offset the sweetness of the dress.

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