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Monday, July 13, 2009


If you have no idea what that stands for, I will pardon you for a few minutes while you go flagellate yourself in the corner with a cat o' nine tails...for shame! Okay, come back now.

This is won of my new (old) favorite shows. I watched the first few seasons pretty faithfully and just recently rediscovered it again. I think the reason I love this show so much is because it reminds me of one of my first loves in high school...dance. Let's take it back to the spring of 1992.

This story starts off with a skinny kid in the Pittsburgh suburbs in junior high who had absolutely NO athletic ability whatsoever (still not sure how my athletic husband is going to reconcile that, but whatever). I absolutely detested gym class, detested the picking of teams, basketball, tennis, "scooter softball" - all of it. Then I started getting really excited because the word in the 8th grade girls' gossip was that we were going to be going to the high school to visit their dance classes to see if we could sign up for Dance 1 instead of gym. *cue angels singing, cue heavenly lights breaking through the clouds*

That set off the next four years of high school where I took Dance 1, 2, 3 and 4 and then moved on to the more select Dance Company (DC, as we called ourselves -we were so cool) after I won a much coveted spot by auditioning to Bizet's Carmen my junior year. We choreographed, blocked, designed lighting and costumes for our end of semester performance each year, which was also our final exam. I learned what a potty-mouthed group of people dancers really are and danced with girls who went on to perform at Julliard and on Broadway.

So much for a trip down Memory Lane: On this season's SYTYCD, one of my favorite dancers is Ade. I have three reasons for this: 1) He reminds me of my little brother, 2) he is Nigerian, like me (and contrary to popular belief, most of us are not recently deposed heads of state looking to give you $5,000,000 if you send us only $1,000 as a "finders fee" - which if you fall for, you deserve it) and 3) the kid can dance. Look at the layout in the video below. It is SICK. His solo starts at 1:14.


Amanda said...

I need more coffee. I saw the subject in Google reader and assumed it was Emmy's blog. Until I got to the part where you mentioned being Nigerian. And then I read it three times and thought "Emmy isn't Nigerian... is she?".

I am so embarrassed.

Lisa said...

The first few lines, I thought...this was my elementary & middle school life. Picked last, couldn't do gym to save my life, and then I saw that you could dance. Missed that gene as well. Poor Jackson. He's doomed to be a dork, he has not one, but two parents who can't dance and can't do sports. I just discovered SYTYCD...loving it :)

Amber said...

I am so happy to have found others (you and Lisa) who were also picked last in gym! I still break out in to a cold sweat when I see a softball or a volleyball net. :shudder:

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