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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Shopping finds - 7FAM + Atelier Jacket

I have a few things that I have been coveting/stalking online for the past few months that I have finally broken down and purchased. I love clothes but I hate paying retail for it. I am the type of girl who bypasses the front of the store to rummage through the sale and clearance racks. Hence, my new obsession with the TJMaxx Home Goods store near my daughter's preschool. Unlike my previous experiences with TJMaxx, this one caters to a much more, ahem, fancypants clientele, as evidenced by the ridiculous number of Range Rovers in the parking lot. This store has Vera Wang, Alice + Olivia, Nanette Lepore and every type of premium denim brand you can imagine. Not that I can afford half of the stuff, because even at 75% off, they are still often pricey and usually only have sizes 0 or 2 is left. Which I haven't been since I was ten years old.

Anyway, last weekend, I got my second ever pair of 7FAM jeans, which ridiculously only goes up to size 32 (a size 12, I think). However, I will say that they make my rear end look fabulous - and as my skinny minnie friend from work says, they will make you look like you lost 10 pounds. For your nebby nebbishes out there, I am not that crazy to take a picture of my behind and post it online. Trust me, it deserves a Stacy London, "SHUT UP!".

7FAM A-pocket jeans (mine are a darker wash than these)

I also scored this at J. Crew today, after a coupon and and additional 20% off, in-store. I have been stalking this jacket for months, so I am thrilled to finally call it mine!

J. Crew Atelier Jacket

I love a good shopping day!


Amanda said...

I need YOU to be my personal shopper. And I envy your TJMaxx. I love premium denim. (buy up all those size 2s and ship them to the burgh!)

Angie said...

I've never had much luck with TJMaxx but my sister-in-law was telling me she got some Spanx for her wedding there so I think I'm adding a trip to my list of things to do this weekend!

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