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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Charleston, South Carolina - The City

I'm back. For now. I always forget how busy life gets in the summer. Blogging always falls to the bottom of the list. Between work, church, going to the gym, VBS, swimming lessons, weekend clinics, traveling to weddings, kids, husband, friends, etc., it is a miracle that I have any time to blog. At least that is what I tell myself. I gave myself a self-imposed blogging hiatus of sorts to just live life this summer.
Going back to what I had last blogged about... Charleston. The one thing that I wasn't expecting with Charleston was how amazing the architecture was. I love old cities with old architecture and fun places to explore.

What struck me the most was the abundance of churches in the city. I loved seeing the skyline dotted with steeples and walking through the cemeteries that date back into the 1700s.

 The moss hanging from the trees reminds me of Savannah...

The Gullah people (descendants of slaves who settled in the coastal regions in South Carolina) make sweetgrass baskets in the market. They are beautiful and quite pricey. Gorgeous, but too rich for my blood!

Charleston is a very walkable town, which means you definitely need comfortable shoes to get around. Which means I was dog tired after several days of walking. Next time I go, I will probably take one of the horse drawn carriage tours to save my feet for a bit.

All in all, Charleston is a lovely city that deserves all kinds of adulation for its food, fashion and ambience!

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