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Monday, June 25, 2012

Party Fun - Superhero Party

I love birthday parties at the Kid's age because the parents still get into it and there is almost always a request for kids to be in costume. So when we got this invite to a school classmate's party a few weeks ago, the Kid decided her party alter ego would be "Butterfly Girl", who apparently has the superpower of being able to fly away really fast. (Cape and mask from babypop.com)

Of course, Butterfly Girl was accompanied by a few of her compadres, Green Lantern and Tornado Girl.

I was recruited to man the Superhero rescue station (in this amazing treehouse in the birthday boy's backyard). This was my view of the main house from my perch with a cold beverage (ahem) in the treehouse. Seriously it was ten acres of real estate bliss.

Wonderwoman and The Riddler (the birthday boy's parents) made an appearance. They are braver than I am to let a bunch of five year olds loose with cans of Silly String!

 The best part was cooling off with popsicles after the party.

I want to freeze them at this age forever. 

Except for the whining. 

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