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Friday, May 4, 2012

Long overdue OOTD - J.Crew and Gap (inc), etc...

I realized I haven't had an OOTD post in a long time, so I went through my camera for some post-pregnancy outfits. Considering I have been in workout clothes or pajamas for 90% of the time of maternity leave, most of these are church outfits.

Pardon the pack n' play in the background. Keeping it real, folks.

Banana Republic top
J.Crew skirt
Cole Haan shoes

J.Crew tee shirt
Old Navy chevron skirt
J.Crew Drea patent peep toe pump in neon peach

Target black dress
Lands' End skirt
J.Crew sparkle toe flats

So post pregnancy, I am fitting into my clothes, but not comfortably. I am still working out with my personal trainer friend (my whole body is sore today) and trying (intermittently) to eat better. Nursing makes me so stinking hungry and right now, it is more important to keep my supply up than to lose weight too quickly. We soldier on!

I go back to work in a few weeks, so I get to do some "back to work" shopping soon, so stay tuned for my upcoming reconnaissance pics I took from our newest J.Crew in Nashville.

Chime in, which outfit do you like the best?

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