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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Happy Birthday, Peanut!

Who knew five years ago what a delight this little girl would be?

Let me brag on the now five year old Kid a little...

-She registered for kindergarten last week (be still my heart) and is super excited about it - for kindergarten for about 2 years now. Kindergarten registration was like a scene from Stepford Wives, but that is another post for another day :-)

-She can tie her shoes. Slowly, but she can tie them.

-She can read well, to the point that we will likely put her in the first grade reading class in the fall. Takes after her nerdy parents, obviously.

-She has our phone numbers and address memorized.

-She can count to... well, high enough to where it gets annoying on car rides...

-She loves to dance, play music and draw, as seen by these "Second Chance" cards she passed out for her slacker parents last month.

Plans before school starts include learning to tell time and physical stuff like passing the swim test at the Y and maybe learning to ride her bicycle without training wheels. I am hoping my husband's athletic genes will dominate so we can learn to do those things with minimal drama!

Anyway, happy birthday, my darling girl!

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