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Friday, March 30, 2012

Eye of the Tiger

You have to have that song playing in your head while you read this post.

I'm trading these...

...for these...

Between prolonged morning sickness and pregnancy and life in general, I have definitely let exercise/activity fall by the wayside. I pretty much allowed myself to eat whatever I could keep down, which meant a lot of carbs and ginger ale and slushies from Sonic. But now since I am nursing, I need to go gradually with any diet/exercise changes so as not to affect my supply (hoping to make it to at least one year this time). But I have gotten a friend to work with me (omigosh, I have a personal trainer!) on getting back into fighting weight. It is great to have a little more accountability with fitness.

And you can bet your arse that I am thrilled I get extra calories in my diet for nursing - about 500 a day! One thing that has really helped is using the free iPhone app My Fitness Pal. I've never counted calories before and it is very eye opening to see how snacking and portions make a huge difference.

I've learned I am NOT a low calorie food person. We don't tend to eat out a ton and make most of our meals at home. I do like fresh fruits and vegetables and am not particularly picky. I would rather have a small bowl of full fat whatever than the reduced fat version. And red wine has 120 calories per serving... ahem.

If you have any tips on low calorie snacks or your favorite way to stay active, chime in below!

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