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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Meet the Dude

Here is our little guy, who made his entrance into the world last week!

He's an Aquarius (don't really believe in that stuff), likes milk, long naps in the day, partying 'til 2 am and snuggles of any kind.

He hates diaper changes and anything that gets between him and his next meal.

He is a MUCH easier baby so far, compared to his sister, only because he actually will sleep. He looks so much like the Kid at the same age, that I have accidentally called him by his sister's name several times. Except for the diapers. Boy diapers are a whole different ballgame. Pun intended.

A quick (and thankfully, mostly uninteresting birth story): I was induced for medical reasons at almost 39 weeks. We went in at 8:30 pm, had my water broken at 10 pm (apparently I was already having contractions every 5-6 minutes and didn't know it) and was already 4 cm. They ran some Pitocin and when the contractions got crazy strong, I got my epidural at 12:30 am. As with my daughter, the labor slowed for a few hours after the epi started and I stalled until about 4 am, only dilating to 5-6 cm. Also, the fetal heart tracings kept slowing down during my contractions, indicating cord compression. My awesome labor nurse did some position changes and oxygen which helped a lot.

After 2 hours of labor, the baby's heartbeat began to drop with contractions again and I start doing the doctor thing of anticipating the worst case scenario in my head and mentally preparing for a c-section if the heartbeat continued to dip like that. But lo and behold, by just after 6 am, I was fully dilated and ready to push. About 10 minutes later, our son made his grand entrance!

Apparently, the little bugger had his cord wrapped around his neck (just like his big sister!) AND had his hand wrapped around the cord as he came out. For shame, scaring your mommy like that!

We stayed only one day after the birth because I am NOT a good patient and I can sweet talk nurses pretty convincingly. I actually feel pretty good as far as recovery goes compared to my previous delivery. Getting a little stir crazy, but I am really relishing this time with my son, since there will be no more pregnancies for me, short of divine intervention!

Thanks to all my Facebook friends and IRL friends who have sent messages, texts, emails and stopped by to see us. Visitors are welcome!

After you've been Purelle-d, of course...

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