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Monday, October 3, 2011

Ultrasound Reveal and I'm back...

My apologies to readers who have emailed and sent me Facebook messages to check in on me. One thing I have learned is never trust the promises of a busy pregnant woman. Ever. We say one thing and then we fall asleep at 7 pm. I said that I would post ultrasound results soon and then I was laid out sick for a week with a fever and a bad cold which has progressed into seasonal allergies/bronchitis/a weird asthma flare up.

So like any good doctor, I have treated what is probably a regular cold into smithereens by self-medicating with as many Category B medications as possible. Take that, rhinovirus!

Anyway, we are having a BOY! I would show you the actual ultrasound, but no one needs to see Kid Too's the Dude's boy bits. And he was so active, that we got few good profile pictures. So instead I will post a belly picture of me a few weeks ago.

19 weeks
Dress: Land's End Canvas
Belt: J.Crew
Shoes: Ann Taylor

The ultrasound went well and the Dude looks like he is growing right on Target. It was very, VERY obvious it was a boy, hee hee. I would make a raunchy joke about it, but I will keep my dirty jokes to myself. I will post more about the ultrasound tomorrow. I am feeling a teeny bit better, but still throwing up about once a week - sorry, bushes in the TJMaxx parking lot last Tuesday. But being past the halfway point and feeling the constant kicking (much more than with the Kid's pregnancy, even with an anterior placenta that hides movement more) is making it all feel very real. This one is going to give me a run for my money, I can already tell.

Smooches and happy Monday, friends!

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