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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Kid's Purple Room Update

Going along with long overdue news, here is an update for the Kid's room that I promised eons ago. And as I am writing this, she is watching me type and she can read everything that I am writing. She is a very dangerous 4 year old (I will be posting about precocious/gifted children this month, I think...).

Anyway, we ordered this Brittany velvet headboard during the summer from Target. It also includes an upholstered bedframe (which I did not take pictures of). I had considered West Elm, Pottery Barn and HSN.com, but found the best price to be Target because of the AAA discount that I used.

I really wanted something that was clean and simple that she could grow into as she gets older. Here is a detail of the nailhead trim.

And here is said bed with all of the stuffed animal she owns. Fine if you are four. Creepy if you are over the age of 12. I'm talking to you, weird lady with 20 beanie babies in the rear window of her car last week.

The Kid has nicer furniture before kindergarten than I had when I got married.

What about you? What is the nicest piece of furniture in your home?

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